Early Bird – it doesn’t get any cheaper!

Many participants have already secured an Early Bird discount code on race day. Here comes your second chance: send us an email at info@powerman.ch with the title «Early Bird 2023 » by 12 noon CET on 12 September 2022 and then you too will receive a discount code that you can use to register at the Early Bird price as soon as online registration is open again in 2023.
After 12 September 2022 there will be no possibility to get an Early Bird discount code! So register in this way as soon as possible. Do you want to be present with your picture in our online media? – Then, after your Early Bird 2023 registration, email a photo of yourself to raphael.galliker@powerman.ch with your first name, surname, place of residence, Facebook and Instagram account. With a bit of luck, your photo will appear here in one of the next publications.