Free start – that’s possible!

Become a Powerman Zofingen ambassador, promote this event and convince other athletes to start in Zofingen. And this is how you get your free start place in Zofingen.
The most important advertising is word-of-mouth among athletes. That’s why we prefer to invest in you rather than in other advertising campaigns. First of all, register for the long distance at the Powerman Zofingen 2022. Then write an email to and you will receive your personal ambassador code. If three athletes referred by you have registered for the long distance, you will get your full entry fee refunded and you will be a member of the exclusive Ambassador Club and you can benefit from further advantages. Whoever manages the most registrations will be chosen and celebrated as Ambassador of the Year. You can find the detailed conditions of the Ambassador Programme HERE . If you have already registered, you can still do it! Simply send an email to  and mention that you would like an Ambassador Code!

The best thing to do is to ask for your Ambassador Code today and pass it on to as many friends as possible. Then you have the best chance of getting your entry fee back!