Powerman Zofingen 2023 Livestream and TV Broadcast

On Sunday, 3 September 2023, the World Duathlon Championships will be offered as a live stream in German and English on various channels. The easiest access is provided by the Powerman Zofingen homepage: www.powerman.swiss – experts Natascha Badmann, Paul Groves, Marc Widmer and Raphael Galliker will be commentating for over eight hours from 8.00 am. In addition, there will be a two-hour live TV broadcast on Tele M1 and the sports channel TV24 (CH Media) from 2 p.m. during the decisive final phase. Marc Widmer, Duathlon Director at the Swiss Triathlon Federation, and Raphael Galliker from Powerman Zofingen will act as co-commentators on TV. New to the commentary team is last year’s third place finisher, Michael Ott, who has since resigned.
The commentators will commentate from the NEP Switzerland TV studio in Volketswil. In 2023, two fixed camera positions are planned as separate streams, so that the spectator has a total of four possibilities to follow the race. The fixed camera positions can be selected via the website www.powerman.swiss and it is possible to switch back and forth between the four streams at any time.

Broadcast live on Tele M1, TV24,
www.triathlonlive.tv, www.powerman.swiss