Swiss women power

When Petra Eggenschwiler and Melanie Maurer both start at the Powerman Zofingen, the only question that usually remains is which of the two Swiss women will win. «Whether I will be at the start in Zofingen on 4 September 2022, I will only decide in the second half of August», says Melanie Maurer, who has also registered for the Jungfrau Marathon on 10 September. The 34-year-old from Wikon has lived in Hindelbank for two years, but works in Zofingen. «This together with three physios as a coach for athletes in duathlon, triathlon, running and cycling, where I mostly work from home.»

Her clients would really appreciate her training plans, the personal exchange and the constant accessibility. This business is booming. The two-time runner-up in the duathlon long distance world championship has had less success so far in finding sponsors. «It’s extremely difficult to find a new sponsor at the moment.» It is quite possible that this search would have been easier with a world championship title. Maurer doesn’t think back to her abandonment at last year’s Powerman Zofingen due to hypothermia, when she had a lead of over 10 minutes on the bike course. «I wouldn’t put on more clothes if it was that cold again, I wouldn’t start at all.»

At the moment, she focuses mainly on running in her training and spends around 10 to 12 hours a week on it. Maurer: «If I then decided to start at the Powerman Zofingen, I would of course add cycling to my training, which would double the effort.»

It is quite possible that after a smaller Zofingen break, Petra Eggenschwiler will also start at the Powerman Zofingen on 4 September 2022. «The chances of that are not bad», says the 34-year-old from Solothurn.

Here is the livestream of the Powerman Zofingen 2021: