Textbook volunteer work

2021 at the start and finished shortly before the finish. Volunteering in 2022 would be nothing out of the ordinary. But the fact that Cora Sturzl has travelled from the USA to support the organisation of the Powerman Zofingen is more than extraordinary.

Due to injury, Cora Sturzl could not compete in the Powerman Zofingen this year, but she actively helped in the organisation. «I want to use this opportunity to thank the organisation team for holding out until the very end last year and giving me their full support. This until I finally reached the finish line in the disastrous weather conditions.» The organising committee of the Powerman Zofingen would like to thank the upbeat American and hopes that she will be able to compete again next year in Zofingen. Anyone who would like to help out in any way with the Powerman Zofingen organising committee can email info@powerman.ch